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Safety Measures in Residential Painting Many people are considering residential painting by themselves because it does not entail a lot of requirements and do it yourself would be a cheaper than hiring a painting company. If you opt to undertake residential painting by yourself, safety must be on top your priority list so that there are no incidents of injury and also to ensure that the job runs smoothly. You must take precautions against having any contact with the paint because it contains harmful elements which can damage your sight, affect your skin or result into respiratory problems. Here are some of the safety measures that you need to observe when you are considering a residential painting. Use of an appropriate ladder – A ladder is an essential equipment when painting because it enables you to reach heights that you could not reach without it. It is not only selecting the right ladder but setting it up is important to avoid unnecessary falling. Examine the surface where you want to place the ladder to ensure that it can give the necessary base for stability so that it does not topple. When the ground is soft such as an area covered with grass, you will need to put a sheet of plywood on it before placing the ladder to avoid sinking in. The positioning of the ladder relative to the wall is also important in providing stability. For every 4 meters of the ladder, place the base 1 meter from the wall. Not all situations in residential painting will require a ladder because some heights are reachable especially in the interior of the house. A step stool would be useful instead of a ladder. You can use an adjustable ladder which you can adjust depending on the height you are painting.
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Put on goggles – You would not like it when the toxic paint enters your eyes because it can cause eye damage. In certain incidents, the paint can cause permanent visual impairment. To assist you in that, you can find safety goggles to protect your eyes during painting. Not everyone will find it comfortable to put on safety goggles, but for the sake of protecting your eyes, you must wear them.
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Wear disposable mask – There may not be sufficient circulation of air in the interior section of a house and to avoid inhaling direct fumes from the paint, you need a disposable mask. It might not be necessary to have the mask on when you are painting the exterior parts because there would be adequate air circulation. The masks help to filter the air that you breathe so that it is free from dust and paint fumes. Getting the assistance of a qualified residential painting company is also an option because they understand what it takes to paint a house successfully.