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A Stylish Checklist for the Stylish Professional

Looking your very best at the office may be hard, as certain tasks may prohibit you from taking care of yourself. But everyone has that certain employee or boss who always looks like she or he is going to an event, which may make you wonder what you yourself is doing wrong at work.

First of all, you should know that getting dressed is not a burden when you start the day. Always choose something that is generally unconventional and fun, so that you would feel very yourself on that day. When you look good at the morning, you would feel good when you get to work which could help you in moments of interacting with your boss or your fellow employees, and it could also help you in getting that promotion.

This article would gladly help you if you are in need of a makeover as there would be a checklist provided in helping you pick your everyday office style:

One: Does The Clothes Fit?

A good thing you should prioritize first is to look at clothes that fit your body shape. As you could see from various media outlets, women and men who wear clothes that fit them and are tailored to their body shape, tend to make these individuals look appealing to the audience’s eyes. The sad reality is, that both men and women don’t know what looks good with their bodies. People, instead, go for the most “popular” trends or outfits than taking into consideration that these certain clothing only answer to a certain type of audience in the market.

Let us put things in simple terms, if you put on clothes that don’t fit your shape, then, you would either look frumpy or something inappropriate for your work. Both of which you should avoid. Two solutions with having wrong fitted clothes is to either have it tailored, or you could style it in such a manner that it makes it look good and appropriate.

Two: Do The Clothes Flatter My Figure?

For example, if you ever get a Nordstrom coupon, then, you would be tempted to get a designer outfit for the office. Although, these designer outfits don’t necessarily tend to the average guy or girl that is just walking down the streets. How come? A variety of styles would only differ depending on the figure of an individual. The one you always see that looks amazing at work is that one person who knows and understands his or her figure.

In conclusion, you should focus more on clothes that fit your body type and style. If you don’t consider this tip, then, you would make yourself that one person at work who doesn’t know how to dress.

Third Tip: Are Your Clothes Balanced Well?

Lastly, take into consideration on how your outfit could correspond to different mixes in your wardrobe.