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Tips on How to Come Up with Affordable Wedding Presents

A wedding is always one of the most special and memorable events in the life of anyone, including you and the ones you love. It is an event that requires spending money and lots of it and putting in a lot of effort in preparation. So, it isn’t really surprising if some couples are overwhelmed by the pressure of making the wedding as perfect as possible, especially through the eyes of the guests.

Well, if you happen to be invited in a wedding of a friend as a guest, do not think you don’t have any responsibility. Well, it’s actually already a custom to bring a wedding gift to the couple if you are invited as a guest. However, your biggest problem is that you don’t really have enough money to buy an expensive gift, but does it really need to be expensive?

By being resourceful, you actually don’t need to shell out a lot of cash just to come up with a great wedding gift. You can see some of our tips below:

1 – Embroidered Products

You probably are unaware, but newly-wed couples will surely appreciate you giving them embroidered items as gift for the wedding. Some embroidered items that newly-wed couples will find useful include bed linens, handkerchiefs, towels, and others. Embroidered items are great for two reasons: one is they’re very affordable, and two, they can be personalized in such a way that you can put in the couple’s initials or names in the items, giving them all the more reason to be grateful.

2 – Personalized Bobbleheads

However, if you think embroidered items are very common and you want a more distinctive present, you probably are better off with wedding bobbleheads. Just like the first option, this can also be customized to look like the couple. Once they open the gift, you certainly will make them burst into laughter because of your humor.

3 – Lovely Dinner

Wedding gifts aren’t exclusive to physical things. Another resourceful way to obtain the appreciation of the newly-wed couple is to treat them to a dinner for two in a nice restaurant, but not necessarily the most expensive in town. If you happen to be very close to the wife or husband, then you won’t have a hard time choosing what to serve in the menu.

4 – Romantic Date

While this one is quite similar to the previous tip, you actually have the freedom to set up a more intimate setting for them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to set up something with romantic music and some good wine for them to remember the experience forever.

5 – Gifts with Function

At the end of the day, why not go for a functional wedding gift? You might be thinking about cooking tools, kitchenware, or a small appliance, but they probably are fully equipped with those things. We recommend unexpected but very fun stuff such as membership to a fitness center or park, Netflix subscription, or maybe a loyalty card from a local restaurant.