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Our Thoughts our Best Friends and our Worst Enemies

Life presents itself like an arena where wars are fought. What we are battling with may not necessarily be visible to us. The defense that we have may be weak and the aspect of winning being almost impossible. There is so much at stake. Often more than not people shy away from the enemy . They prefer that the brave people face them. They even have a name for them, heroes. They do not seem to see what is so evidently before their eyes that the heroes are simply empowered cowards. Cowards who have realized the secret of life that either way their bound to lose. They have made it there mission to die trying . That becomes their transformation basis and their guide as they navigate through the harsh waters of life. At the end they become victorious and everyone cheers their progress and gives them labels.

While it is not wrong to give them credit it is important to understand that we have our own work to do. Most people who happen to own their own businesses are familiar with the struggle. Many who work for others may view their counterparts as better placed. The impression may not be as black and white as it seems. For one’s life to assume any gllitter it has to have passed through the hard school of life. Understanding your uniqueness is essential. Having a destination forms the basis. If this fact is neglected one may find themselves quitting since they had no destination in the first place.

Fear in itself is not real but a magnifying glass. It has the power to transform a mole hill into a mountain. As much as fear is a big challenge there is always an opportunity available. Centering our efforts on what we seek to achieve rather than what the obstacles are is a way out. Taking this into practice makes the journey bearable and the prospects of achieving our dreams very much real.

The ultimate weapon remains faith. Faith being a perception of something believed rather than that which is seen. Our thoughts become very significant at this stage. Though it might be difficult to be optimistic at all times a culture of confidence that everything will be okay has to be cultivated. There is a lot that our brains can do in term of bringing us closer to the direction that we want to take and has to be equipped in this manner.