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The Impact Of Football FIFA Rankings Who would have thought that an event such as a soccer game can be analyzed and tangible results obtained from it. FIFA rankings, team profiles and charts are statistics that one can obtain from a soccer game of the teams that are playing. it might as well be lady luck that determines who goes home the winner because many variable factors are in play that may not end up determining the winner. one cannot discount the fact that a number of unknown factors are also responsible for a players performance other than numbers. Can a win or a lose be as a result of numbers, the doubting Thomas’s are yet to conclude. Soccer fanatics are very well known for always inquiring about the time elapsed and the scores henceforth. Unlike other websites soccer websites display a substantial category of items that will come in handy when formalizing the game statistics. The items displayed include game winning goals, game winning assists, goals, assists, shots and shots on goal witnessed in the game, when you check this out you will conclude that soccer is not only a game of numbers rather a collection of known and unknown variables. in this day and time when data is esteemed, it could never have crossed anyone’s mind that the phenomena such as a soccer game would need numbers to make statistics for informed decision making.
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In early 1994 FIFA started adding the number of assists in a particular soccer game but at the moment football is revolutionizing the way it processes statistics right before our eyes. the most celebrated football teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have hired data analysis firms the teams keep the data obtained strictly for their use.
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The teams do not generate the data by themselves they instead leave that responsibility to a couple of firms that are ready to tackle the problem considering their expertise in that area. the firms with the responsibility watch the live proceedings of the game keenly then they draft any distinctions that they see for later use. the numbers and chart distinctions that are arrived at by the team of analysis experts are fed into a database where the numbers are calculated to obtain statistics it is not guaranteed that the data obtained will predict the winning capacity of the team but for sure it will provide quality information about the team.